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§ 1 Basic provisions

These are not fixed fee agreements, however, as a member of the SSFV association, we refer to the guidelines on acting fees and buyouts in advertising and feature film productions on the recommendation of the professional associations SSFV, SzeneSchweiz and SSRS.

Acting fees for cinema and TV

The current guideline fees in the Swiss film industry for TV and cinema productions:
- Daily fee for beginners: at least CHF 1'400.
- Daily fee for experienced actors: from CHF 1'800.-
- No half-day fees!

Acting fees 

The daily fee must be at least CHF 1'500.-. 
- This rate applies to beginners and actors in training. 
- Depending on experience, age, name recognition and role, the daily fee will be increased. 
- For self-employed actors, the daily fee is increased by the employer's social security costs.
- Half daily fees are not agreed upon, because experience shows that the time required cannot be limited to half a day. 
- Travel expenses, board and lodging costs are reimbursed separately. 


For the broadcast of a commercial, the performers are entitled to buyouts in addition to the fee. Compensation for the assignment of usage rights is paid as a percentage of the agreed daily fee.

TV National                                                   
TV regional/local                                           
National cinema                                           
Cinema Regional/Local                                 
Online advertising (webadvertising)            
Digital channels (owned media)                     
Adscreens, billboards, e-boards                                  
Print ads                                                     
POS, brochures, flyers                                                    


* Compensation varies according to reach, circulation and spread.

- The percentages are understood as compensation for use for 1 year in the corresponding medium. 
- The extension of the usage fee is the responsibility of the company/agency. 
-The usage fees are cumulative and must be listed individually. 
-The date of the first broadcasting or switching on is to be communicated to the actors.

Calculation example

A young actress has a role in a commercial that will be broadcast on TV (Switzerland) and in Swiss cinemas as well as being shown online as a banner ad (2 shooting days).


Two daily fees, 2x CHF 1'500                               
Buyout TV, 100% of the daily fee                           
Buyout cinema, 75% of the daily fee                     
Buyout online advertising, 100% of the daily fee  


Online advertising (webadvertising) includes all moving/still images on digital channels (desktop/mobile). These include: 
- Banner ads (popups, rectangles, wideboards, poster ads, content ads)
- Display ads (Layer Ads, Prestitials, Interstitials)
- Moving images (In-Stream Ads: Pre-/Mid-/Post-Rolls; In-Page Ads, etc.)
- Native advertising (Sponsored Posts, Paid Posts)
- Viral marketing This list is not exhaustive. 

Digital channels (owned media) are company-owned web/social media pages and YouTube channels. 

Adscreens, billboards and e-boards are electronic advertising spaces in public spaces. They can be the size of a TV set or as large as 60m2 , such as the e-board at Zurich's main train station. 

POS (Point of Sale) are advertising media that are used directly at the point of sale; i.e. in a retail store or at a sales booth by means of displays, posters, shelf stoppers, etc.


Packaging refers to the sales packaging of a product, such as the smiling face with the white teeth on the toothpaste tube, but also shopping bags (Migros and Coop bags). 

BTL (Below-the-Line) refers to all non-classical advertising and marketing measures. Typical BTL instruments are: Sales promotion at the POS, at trade fairs and exhibitions, product placement as well as innovative forms of advertising (guerrilla marketing). 

For buyouts outside Switzerland, we recommend the buyout regulations from the General Terms and Conditions of VELMA member agencies (

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CHF 3'000

CHF 1'500

CHF 1'125

CHF 1'500

CHF 7'125

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